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Cyber Bullying, Stalking and Harassment

The same things that happen on the playground can also happen online. Cyber bullying means being cruel to other kids online. This can include:

  • pretending to be someone else and sending hurtful or embarrassing messages
  • telling someone’s secrets
  • spreading rumors
  • threats
  • hate crimes, based on race, religion, appearance or sexual orientation

Why is it dangerous?

Cyber bullying can cause low self-esteem, skipping school, depression and even suicide. Online threats can be more harmful than face-to-face bullying, because there’s no escape. It can happen 24/7. Kids may be afraid to tell their parents, because they don’t want their online access to be restricted.

How to keep your child safe:

  • google your child (search full name, email address, screen name – use quotation marks for an exact search – for example “Jane Smith”).
  • report harassment to using this form.

Risky behavior for cyber bullying:

  • Internet addiction: spending too much time online
  • Sharing personal information online
  • Visiting suicide web sites
  • Playing violent computer games
  • Using the Internet for sexual activities

If your child is being threatened offline, call the police immediately.

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This is right,,we have to protect our children from being bullied, not only from cyber but also to other children who treated them differently. this is a big challenge to every parents and teachers in teaching the children a right conduct and how to socialize with other children and become one of them or be one of them.

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Kids should be taught to behave properly with other kids. They need to be asked to be nice to others. Otherwise bullying can lead to violent nature of your kid. Same thing applies for cyber bullying too.